pyappcache documentation

pyappcache is a Python library for using volatile caches such as memcache or redis.

A minimal example using Redis

from datetime import date

from pyappcache.redis import RedisCache
from pyappcache.keys import Key, SimpleStringKey

cache = RedisCache()

# Annotate the type here to let mypy know this key is used for dates
key: Key[date] = SimpleStringKey("mifid start date")
cache.set(key, date(2018, 1, 3), ttl_seconds=3600)

... # later...

# This variable's type will be inferred as
special_date = cache.get(key)

The above code:

  • creates a new instance of pyappcache’s RedisCache class

  • creates a new key object

  • sets that key’s value to date(2018, 1, 3)

  • and then (later) that value can be retrieved with the right type inference

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